About Spriggy

Welcome to my blog.  I’d love to tell you that you are the 1,000,000th visitor and that you receive a prize, however I’m still working on that number.  Hopefully you will enjoy none the less.  I started writing a blog years ago to keep my digital journal and then realized that people were actually reading about the trivial fight I had with my now ex-husband.  It then became a digital scrapbook of all my favorite things and then thankfully Pinterest came along.  Now, it is a mix of both and way of keeping myself focused on the positive of my life.  I have a son named Zoomer who is my motivation and keeps my vocal chords in shape.  Thank heaven for little boys!

Single, divorced, mother and desperately seeking a Happily Ever After.

Does that accurately describe me or sound like a personal ad in the local paper? No decorum here, but rather badges of quirkiness, self affirmations, and savvy detail for design. My goal is to write, create, appreciated the gifted among you, and share my affinity for life. These are the things that bring me closer to the end goal.  No matter what life may give us. Thank goodness there is inspiration everywhere.
I am Spriggy and you’re welcome to join in my journey.


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