Whole foods SUPERFOOD Salad

Sometimes I become obsessed.  Obsessed in that I can’t stop thinking about about a new found love.  Unfortunately,  too often that is obsession is a beloved food item.  With my new spring goal of losing the winter

How to measure the emotional intelligence of your ‘wasband’

I have always had a publicly neutral response to my ex-husband.  Unless you know me well, I have never opened up to to spill the beans on my thoughts about the ‘wasband’ or why our marriage ultimately

How will you measure your life?

Yesterday whiling biking with a friend, she referred to a book she had read that had inspired her to think more about what she could do and achieve to fulfill more happiness in her life.   I

Meet the more Professional Sprigg

“Spriggy” is a way I express my joys, inspiration, learning experiences, kinship with mankind and occasional vent my frustrations of life.  Sometimes I do it in a very unprofessional manner.  It may be sarcastic and veins of

Boxes and Rails

Today I went skiing with my 7 year old son.  He is at the age where freestyle skiing is all the rage and we’ve been focusing on conquering the beginner terrain park.    My technique in teaching him

Say Cheese and Smile

While watching a TED talk recently, I learned the following statistics about smiling. Less than 33% of adults smile more than 20 times a day, while 14% smile less than five times a day. The simple interpretation……the

“Socially Special”

I recently ran into a man fellow that I went out with a couple of times a few years ago. He’s cute, he’s normal, we connected, and he’s a doctor.  We did the congenial how to do’s,

Hair today….gone tomorrow

really thought gray hair around the temples was just for men.  It’s one of the first places we women notice about the opposite sex detailing their age, and often times even upping their desirability.  After all isn’t

Mile 1

On Saturday, I headed out for my morning run.  A paved running trails lays behind my house bordering a nature preserve making motivation innate on such beautiful mornings.  Rows of porches line the pathway and the aroma

Never stop pursuing your dreams

Sometimes Monday mornings are hard.  Especially after an eventful fun weekend that you never want to end. This is a story about a family that has overcome more than just a Monday morning and what some may