Meet the more Professional Sprigg

“Spriggy” is a way I express my joys, inspiration, learning experiences, kinship with mankind and occasional vent my frustrations of life.  Sometimes I do it in a very unprofessional manner.  It may be sarcastic and veins of cynicism have been known to sneak in.  I may see the world differently than others but when I write it allows me to think clearer about the end goal in which I’m looking to achieve.  My end goal is to really build stronger relationships between individuals by closing gaps and making us realize that we have more in common than we may not.

While my blog here is not to be taken too seriously, there is a world in which the professional “sprigg” or Dori emerges more often.  It’s ultimately how I earn an income and progresses me further along in the business world and my professional career.  My end goal is the same for both in that I want to inspire through sharing learning experiences to help us be more successful in our lives or happy long term.   I have a blog for both and often these posts will overlap.   I will always share the great from both but if occasionally you read a post that is quite different and on a more serious line of thought, it most likely is a post I have written for work.  My goal is to write and continue to write until I venture on something great that inspires others.

While Spriggy will always remain light in structure and function (it is my release from reality after all), I have made a new goal to write and to continue to write about things that matter.  My journey may have been delayed with boulders stuck on the track and thoughts of improbable passage, I look forward to movement and momentum in the future for both Spriggy and my career.

Thanks for listening.






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