How will you measure your life?

Yesterday whiling biking with a friend, she referred to a book she had read that had inspired her to think more about what she could do and achieve to fulfill more happiness in her life.   I was excited to hear her talking about a book that I also love which also made me reevaluate my priorities and what I was doing.  For me, it was a powerful and considerate read that makes you reflect about your path in life and what you may want at the end of the day.  The author, Clayton Christensen, is easy to draw inspiration from.  He’s an amazing man, a professor at Harvard Business School and is very renowned for his theories of disruption in the business world.  This book is very beneficial for those seeking direction in their careers, families or even starting out after college.  Have I mentioned that you should read it?

If you haven’t read this book than check it out at the library, borrow it from me or buy it from Amazon today.  How will you measure your life is well worth your time and energy.    As they say…..A Must Read!

How will you measure your life?

A powerful insight on how and why we may want to change our lives to better fulfill our potential and bring happiness at the end of the day.




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