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How will you measure your life?

Yesterday whiling biking with a friend, she referred to a book she had read that had inspired her to think more about what she could do and achieve to fulfill more happiness in her life.   I

Dare Dream Do

Two words you need to know. Disruptive Innovation ….and if you want to sound smart you should use them in a sentence together.  Because it’s a theory, a business model, or even an approach to life.  Confused?

TGIF………Need I Say More

t’s Friday! Let the Hallelujah chorus begin. No work, No homework for Zoom and I can actually sleep past 5:30 tomorrow morning. After a long and stressful week I am ecstatic for the weekend.  I’m headed to

3 Tips and cheers for Pinterest

Pinterest has been an answer to my prayers.  Of course figuratively it has and not literally.  I haven’t been praying nightly for a way to categorize my digital finds.  But if I had, I would know God

Only nuns change habits overnight

I am 100% guilty of choosing books by their covers.  They are all so pretty and wonderfully marketed.  So when I walked past this book at the library, how could I not pick it up and check