3 Tips and cheers for Pinterest

Pinterest has been an answer to my prayers.  Of course figuratively it has and not literally.  I haven’t been praying nightly for a way to categorize my digital finds.  But if I had, I would know God hears my prayers and wants me to be happy.  I’m sure it was somebody elses prayer He answered and I am the fortunate beneficiary.

Before all this Internet hype, I would take tear pictures from magazines and put them in a folder for future reference.  Later, I would find myself reposting on a blog (which I still do as well) because my folder was and still is busting at the seams.  Now I find that whenever I think of it, I can go to pinterest to look at my vision board,  books I want to read or track what prayers have actually been answered.  It is my list of lists. I’m not so much a pinterest browser but rather a pinterest pinner.  I still read blogs through readers, surf the web for needed answers and research everything I do and buy.  Hence the happiness with Pinterest.  I pin what I like wherever I find it.  I definitely know of several improvements they could make and still don’t understand how they make money, but that is a post for another day. (but if you know how they make money let me know) So, if you’re not pinning then get too it.  Here are three tips for you

1.  Use it as a resource and not a time waster.  The internet sucks our time and pinterest may yet be another time warp. Don’t let it happen to you… ….except for maybe Rainy Days and Mondays.

2.  Like things rather than pin.  You can still find what you liked but don’t have to clutter your boards with stuff you really don’t want to see again or won’t find useful in a category.

3.  It doesn’t matter who you follow.  Follow interesting people you may not even know that are original pinners.  It will expand your horizons. For some people Pinterest is the new twitter….but without words…and with cool pictures…..because reading is the lazy thing to do now days.







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