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Hair today….gone tomorrow

really thought gray hair around the temples was just for men.  It’s one of the first places we women notice about the opposite sex detailing their age, and often times even upping their desirability.  After all isn’t

Never stop pursuing your dreams

Sometimes Monday mornings are hard.  Especially after an eventful fun weekend that you never want to end. This is a story about a family that has overcome more than just a Monday morning and what some may

Getting Wild

A handful of years ago, my husband and I decided to get a divorce.  The sadness I felt was unimaginable and I was paralyzed with grief.  I knew I needed to find purpose in my life as

Hello I love you

My niece spoke in church the other day.  I had the awesome opportunity and privilege to be there.  She started matter of fact just as any unpretentiously confident 14 year old would.  “A man named Jim Morrison once said……….”  I perked

Don’t get me started

A couple of days ago I was hot. So hot you could see steam rising and hear the sizzle. Hot under the collar. I ranted and raged to the person next to me, confirming to them that

My face is as red as the pinterest button

I’m single.  Therefore I google. Have I said that before? It sounds very familiar.  But it’s still true. I know that other people who are single, google as well.  (Yes Google I’m using you as a verb.)

3 Tips and cheers for Pinterest

Pinterest has been an answer to my prayers.  Of course figuratively it has and not literally.  I haven’t been praying nightly for a way to categorize my digital finds.  But if I had, I would know God

The finer things in life

The Widows Mite This last Christmas I discovered artist Annie Henrie at a local exhibit.  I loved this picture of Mary and the Christ child and snapped a picture with my phone thinking that I would remember


Recently, a friend came to me with good news.  Her desire to share this news was half of the excitement. Her countenance was bright and you would had thought that she had the winning lottery ticket for

And the mother of the year award goes to………

….Anyone besides myself!  This last week I had one of those “moments” and yes that is in quotes intentionally. My son and I were hiking up a beautiful canyon on a Sunday afternoon.  It was just four