Recently, a friend came to me with good news.  Her desire to share this news was half of the excitement. Her countenance was bright and you would had thought that she had the winning lottery ticket for $365 million.  Later that night I received a text from her telling me that her spirits had been dampened after talking to friends who told her to not get excited about a book deal until she saw the contract.  This had brought her back down to earth and she apologized in having shared her delight.

Bah Humbug!  (or anything replaceable for the load of bull just dished out by her “friends”)

My reply back was instant and opinionated.  It doesn’t matter what your friends say!  Don’t let them rain of your parade.  It may be the shortest main street in history but these are the moments that let us soar!  The moments that let us feel the confidence that enables us to make it through another day.  I don’t know about you but I don’t receive good news daily and when I do I certainly want to make that feeling and joy last as long as it can, even if its not practical.  There is so much sorrow, too many downtrodden hearts and not enough rejoicing in our every day accomplishments.  For heaven sakes, its a book deal!  I would have broke out the champagne for completing a haiku.

So the next time someone shares good news with you, be happy for them! Share in their excitement and REJOICE in the moment.  Even it you know that their newly refunded $1.27 from the IRS, will not fund the vacation they have been planning.  Let those details come to fruition in due time.  You may just be surprised at how well they could budget that $1.27.rejoice






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