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My niece spoke in church the other day.  I had the awesome opportunity and privilege to be there.  She started matter of fact just as any unpretentiously confident 14 year old would.  “A man named Jim Morrison once said……….”  I perked up.  Maybe church wouldn’t be as dry today after all.  I smiled as I was filled with pride she was quoting a legendary musical figure.  I chuckled because she had absolutely no idea who she was talking about.

I realize that we’re living in a new age, the millennial dawn of  2013.  The Doors made hits in the late 1960’s.  I too came around after that.  However while my niece is listening to the manufactured bebop of One Direction (Zoom and I listen to them all the time and we think you’re beautiful) there is a whole other world of music out there.  I’m not a music junkie that has an LP collection or can even recite lyrics, but I do appreciate good rock and roll, classic jazz, and unduplicatable soul.  I appreciate the diversity of the times from one generation to the next. They bring the history of these times into relevance.  You’re reminded of experiences and lessons  long forgotten and place us in another dimension (no psychedelic implication from the Doors here).  Music teaches the soul and inspires the mind.  What music do you appreciate   What inspires you to conquer the world?

While there is no necessity of flashing back I encourage you to listen to some music from the past.  Songs that transport you.  Songs that change your outlook or feelings for the moment despite having fell from their billboard rank.  Hunt it out.  Play it for your children and give them a piece of the past.  Even if it came long before you did.  Balance the yin with the yang in today’s world.  Help educate a younger generation of the history of excellence.  Music appreciation.

Thank you Hailey for a wonderful talk.  With a talk like that it will be no time at all until you “break on through to the other side.” (You knew it was coming as soon as you read the title.  How could I resist.)






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