Don’t get me started

A couple of days ago I was hot. So hot you could see steam rising and hear the sizzle.

Hot under the collar.

I ranted and raged to the person next to me, confirming to them that I was indeed a crazy person.  I’m usually not vocally opinionated about cliche phrases and words of political correctness, but maybe my situation as of late (tax season) has made me a little more sensitive to the situation.  It may be old news but I needed two days to just cool off to finally address the comment.

In an interview, Michelle Obama compared herself to a single mom.  She corrected herself and reworded……that she was as ‘busy’ as a single mom.  No harm done, I think we can understand that sometimes we say things by accident in the moment.   Then Obama, son of a single mother, stepped his foot in it when he reiterated the praise and chuckled.

But then again, I guess he had grandparents to help out……and the luxuries of government assistance.

Obama: Michelle has often been like a single mother

I’m a single mom and that is different than being a working mom.  Do I need to repeat that?  I don’t want to say that both don’t have many of the same struggles. The guilt of dividing your time,  the constant pull in different directions, inadequacies of not quite being 100% present in either role.  The list could go on and on in comparing the similarities between the two.  But do people really understand the differences?  Do people really even care?

Has Michelle Obama ever wondered how food would be put on the table?   Has she ever pushed a sick child into day care because she couldn’t afford to take a day off work?  Again, the list could go on and on.

I’m not on welfare.  I fortunately make too much money to qualify but unfortunately too little to give my son the life he deserves.  So I continue working, as hard as I can. And stressing.  And losing sleep.  And never seeming to get ahead in the world.  With no support from others and nobody there at the end of the day.

While my hat is off to every working mother it is also off to stay at home mothers.  We have unique rolls in this world and the joys of motherhood can fuel us to do things we never thought possible.  My hat even goes off to Michelle Obama and I have deep respect for her in her role.  I can even imagine being the wife of a president and what that must be like.  That is definitely not an easy job.

However as the old adage goes.  Never judge another man without walking in their shoes.  Especially the single mothers of the world.






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