The finer things in life

The Widows Mite

This last Christmas I discovered artist Annie Henrie at a local exhibit.  I loved this picture of Mary and the Christ child and snapped a picture with my phone thinking that I would remember her name.  When I arrived home, I found myself frustrated that I didn’t write her name down and it was yet another realization that my memory is not what it used to be.  However, while walking through Salt Lake City recently, I came across this other picture and I instantly knew it was the same artist.  It had instantly struck a chord with me.  Upon further research, I learned that Annie was voted one of the great new talents under 30 for SouthWest Art Magazine and was receiving additional recognition for her talents.  There were several original pieces of work to admire that day but the $4000 price tag of The Widows Mite didn’t quite fit in my budget.  Thankfully, they had a smaller giclee that I am now the proud owner of.  I am grateful for the inspiration that this picture now offers me.









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