TGIF………Need I Say More

t’s Friday! Let the Hallelujah chorus begin. No work, No homework for Zoom and I can actually sleep past 5:30 tomorrow morning. After a long and stressful week I am ecstatic for the weekend.  I’m headed to San Diego to discuss a future project in the making.  But it will not be work…….especially when it’s with an old friend.

While the words San Diego are relaxing enough, I ran across this photography collection from Antony Spencer.  I was instantly enamored. What amazing moments this man has captured.  I longed to be at each location he has ever shot.  Go to his site and check out his portfolio! If you can’t make it to San Diego this weekend, I have a feeling it will transport you to a place with less stress and its a good reminder of how beautiful and amazing this planet is.  




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