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Whole foods SUPERFOOD Salad

Sometimes I become obsessed.  Obsessed in that I can’t stop thinking about about a new found love.  Unfortunately,  too often that is obsession is a beloved food item.  With my new spring goal of losing the winter

Permission to splurge

Can I take a minute and shamelessly plug my new favorite thing. I know I’m not Oprah, but if I had the sponsors as she did, I would give every reader this item.  It’s a little overpriced

Well hello G – Star jacket!

The sequence of recent events leading to the desired loss of 200 hard earned American dollars. G-Star Taylor Wool Coat 1.   I entered an overpriced boutique of 78% useless clothing. 2.  Wandered to the coat section

Weathered wood for everyday living

I’ve been trying to fill my obsession with wood recently.  It seems I’ve overwhelming drawn to the rustic qualities, textures and multifunctionality. Is that a word?  It could be that I’m a little more rustic and weathered myself and

My kind of Craft

Years ago I gave up crafting. There were multiple reasons involved. I now thoroughly enjoy my craft less life. However, every so often my desire to replicate creativeness slowly rises.  It’s usually when I see something easy…or

TGIF………Need I Say More

t’s Friday! Let the Hallelujah chorus begin. No work, No homework for Zoom and I can actually sleep past 5:30 tomorrow morning. After a long and stressful week I am ecstatic for the weekend.  I’m headed to

One fine day

My dream car is a 1943 Jeep Willy Wagon. The thought of restoring one and driving it to the supermarket everyday makes me giddy.  Imagine my excitement and inspiration when I came across this post off Remodelista‘s web

Lean on me

Sometimes you just need a little someone to lean on.  Someone who’s taller, and stronger, and will be there when you need them.   Any volunteers?

Rose Bowl Flea

  Oh how I love the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  Utter joy is what I experienced yesterday as I walked aisles, dodged people and meandered among mid-century furniture and vintage dishtowels.  My favorite seller had this for sale and I

Akro Agate (and yes that’s English)

The unearthing continues at my parents house and how I feel I’ve just found gold!  I came across a beautiful child’s tea set stored with my mothers vintage dolls.  I have no recollection of them (translation – I wasn’t allowed to play with them