Rose Bowl Flea


Oh how I love the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  Utter joy is what I experienced yesterday as I walked aisles, dodged people and meandered among mid-century furniture and vintage dishtowels.  My favorite seller had this for sale and I absolutely went ballistic.  SOLD!

I also found a vintage industrial dolly that I could not walk past and will post pictures as soon as I find a big buff man to help me lift it from my car (I’m hoping to keep the big buff man when I do find him!)

My heart skipped a beat when Zoom tripped over these antique hand carved panels.  I apologized to the Chinese man as I gathered as many as I could while admiring their individuality and floral motifs. I’m keeping some as is and others will be sanded to the more natural wood color.  These as well will be listed on my shop site and my etsy store.

It was indeed a good day at market. Pasadena in March makes you realize that spring has indeed sprung or at least is on its way








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