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Pass the cream please

A few years ago I bought a linen couch.  It’s semi-wonderful, almost beautiful, not quite what I was dreaming of, but appealed to a friends advice on the reality of living with a two year old at

Well hello G – Star jacket!

The sequence of recent events leading to the desired loss of 200 hard earned American dollars. G-Star Taylor Wool Coat 1.   I entered an overpriced boutique of 78% useless clothing. 2.  Wandered to the coat section

Weathered wood for everyday living

I’ve been trying to fill my obsession with wood recently.  It seems I’ve overwhelming drawn to the rustic qualities, textures and multifunctionality. Is that a word?  It could be that I’m a little more rustic and weathered myself and

Catalog Tear of the Month

I often tear pages of outfits I love out of catalogs.   I then post them in my closet so as I’m getting dressed I remember the looks and styles of the season and more easily dress ‘my

Rose Bowl Flea

  Oh how I love the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  Utter joy is what I experienced yesterday as I walked aisles, dodged people and meandered among mid-century furniture and vintage dishtowels.  My favorite seller had this for sale and I