Catalog Tear of the Month

I often tear pages of outfits I love out of catalogs.   I then post them in my closet so as I’m getting dressed I remember the looks and styles of the season and more easily dress ‘my style’.  I have imitated so many looks through the years that I feel as though I’m a walking catalog page but without shimmer, shine, and oh….I won’t be wearing a size 4.

I’m loving this look by Garnet Hill.  It’s casual chic and the double wrap scarf makes it all the more stylish.  The dress is a whoopin’ $98 which deems itself pricey for a cotton dress.  However the reviews are great for this Eileen Fischer Dress and I will be watching for it on sale.  Hopefully it will go down to 75% off (and that’s still a lot if you’re unemployed and your ex is petitioning to not pay alimony anymore)

In the mean time, its a good thing that this look can be copied from most any closet.  Leggings are wardrobe essentials, the scarf is duplicable, and the dress only needs to be a solid color.  You can belt yourself for an entire different look.  It seems accessories make all the difference and when the scarf, also at Garnet Hill, is another $108, its easy to see why I’d want to reproduce this look.






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