Well hello G – Star jacket!

The sequence of recent events leading to the desired loss of 200 hard earned American dollars.

G-Star Taylor Wool Coat
1.   I entered an overpriced boutique of 78% useless clothing.
2.  Wandered to the coat section where this coat was front and center.
3.  Noticed it was on sale.
4.  Touched it, admired it and instantly fell in love with it.  After trying it on.  This is where I acknowledge my mistake of playing with fire.  
5.  Currently practicing extreme self control.
The good news is, I left the store.  The bad news is, I found it online.  It’s on sale as well and much cheaper than the boutique.  I prefer to buy local but sometimes morals get broken over $50.  Still steadfast however the temptation is unbearable.  I should have never tried it on.







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