Whole foods SUPERFOOD Salad

Sometimes I become obsessed.  Obsessed in that I can’t stop thinking about about a new found love.  Unfortunately,  too often that is obsession is a beloved food item.  With my new spring goal of losing the winter weight for swimsuit season, I have been been venturing out and treating myself to my new favorite salad.  The good thing, is that it is completely healthy.  The bad news is that Whole Food sells it at $10.99 a pound.  While it’s good for my waistband, its not so good for my wallet……especially when you eat it daily upon discovery.

For me, obsession is followed shortly by recreation.    I spend countless hours to create the same experience at home   so that I can have it as much as I want and whenever I want.  All with the idea of saving money.

While each whole foods has made it different, they all usually have the following ingredients with the tiniest of variance.

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Superfood Salad

Chopped Kale

(be sure to wash with cold water to eliminate possible bitterness of leaves and increase tenderness)

Napa Cabbage

(not as prevalent as the kale but this cabbage leads the superfood health spectrum)

Slivered Red Onion,  Edaname

Shredded Carrots,  Blueberries

Cherry tomatoes,  Chopped Cashews

Pomegranates seeds or Gogi berries


freshly grated ginger

Acai juice

pineapple juice or apple cider vinegar

(I prefer the vinegar for brightness)

salt and pepper to taste

What’s not to love with the entire salad made from SUPERFOODS.  Enjoy and indulge guiltfree!








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  1. Ana Avatar

    I know exactly what salad you’re talking about! I love it!

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