“Socially Special”

I recently ran into a man fellow that I went out with a couple of times a few years ago. He’s cute, he’s normal, we connected, and he’s a doctor.  We did the congenial how to do’s, caught up on our lives and then he said this.

“You are one of the most available woman I’ve ever met.”

Really?  What does that mean?  While I can’t put my finger on his exact intention I somehow already feel and know this about myself.  I could be dating three guys at the same time, rotating the guard frequently and yet still not have a Valentines date come February.

The best way to describe myself would be to say I’m “socially special” (this is me being politically correct and not referring to my singleness as a handicap, disablement or retardedness in dating).  Wooing a man takes skills and apparently I don’t have them. Another friend affirmed my lack of flirting as the main culprit. He said I don’t send flirty texts or a dirty sexts and that is what the modern man responds to.  I know what flirting is but it’s just not natural for me.  It’s either so over the top which I decipher as witty banter, or the pendulum has swung and I can’t think of anything intelligent to do or say to demonstrate I like a man. Again, I’m “socially special” (don’t forget the air quotes…..it leaves it up to ones own intellect to determine the meaning just like I filled in the blank with this single mans comment to me).

I believe that weaknesses can become strengths.  In doing so I must first identity the weakness.  Check.   Then I must practice and after 10,000 hours I will have become an expert.  That’s a hell of a lot of flirting for someone innately without this quality.  If I were to flirt 8 hours a day for 50 weeks a year (two years off for vacation) it would take me 1825 days or more than 5 years to accomplish this feat.  I’d like to at least have my dance card full before the end of the decade and realistically, flirting 8 hours a day could really put a damper on my financial situation unless I switched to the oldest profession in history.

While practice makes perfect is this something to solicit others to help me in or even prayer for?  Dear God, please give me opportunities to flirt….qualifier….with the opposite sex….qualifier….who are single…..qualifier…..who are good looking….qualifier….who treat me right……qualifier……he could be rich….qualifier….who I can love wholeheartedly to be able to endlessly flirt with.  That’s a lot to ask the man upstairs for when the world has more serious problems.

Basically, my goal at the end of the day is simple.  I want to have no plans for the weekend but know who I’ll be spending the weekend with.  I want to become unavailable.  Is that too much to ask for?  How do I do it?







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