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How to measure the emotional intelligence of your ‘wasband’

I have always had a publicly neutral response to my ex-husband.  Unless you know me well, I have never opened up to to spill the beans on my thoughts about the ‘wasband’ or why our marriage ultimately

“Socially Special”

I recently ran into a man fellow that I went out with a couple of times a few years ago. He’s cute, he’s normal, we connected, and he’s a doctor.  We did the congenial how to do’s,


It is the 7th of May.  There are 24 more days of the month.  There are only 15 more hours until I go to bed. This is the voice of an addict. After months of contemplation, anxiety

Should it stay or should it go now

  I own this.  It’s beautiful.  It’s old.  It’s perfect. …and it’s yet another possession that remains in storage. I’ve been keeping it for years, waiting to find a house worthy enough for such a permanent fixture.

Hear mama bear roar!

Fact:  I’m divorced Fact:  I’m a single mother Fact:  I am no less valuable as a human being because of the two previous statements. ……and neither is my son.  Now how to teach a five year old

Are bloomers really appropriate to put out to dry?

Truthfully I’m not sure what bloomers are…whether they are fashion or underwear, if they are modest or not and if they really are apropos to air out in the open for others to see.  The fact is

Do this and Never do that!

My grandmother used to tell me to never leave the house in curlers.  What a wise woman she was and I miss her tremendously everyday.  Not that we all don’t know this but I guess the really

And the mother of the year award goes to………

….Anyone besides myself!  This last week I had one of those “moments” and yes that is in quotes intentionally. My son and I were hiking up a beautiful canyon on a Sunday afternoon.  It was just four

One thing that I am not is Polished…..and that includes even my nails!

I read somewhere that people make snap judgements about other people depending on the look of their fingernails.  We assume somebody’s profession and even wealth within our own society. If ones nails are unkempt that is a sign of a

This little piggy went to the market

It’s 6:42 am and my little boy comes to find and tell me that’s he’s hungry. A new constant in his vocabulary and he’s not even a teenager yet.  With swimsuit season approaching and the mounting desire to get back