Should it stay or should it go now

 Stove 1

I own this.  It’s beautiful.  It’s old.  It’s perfect.

…and it’s yet another possession that remains in storage.

I’ve been keeping it for years, waiting to find a house worthy enough for such a permanent fixture.  It’s an investment because it has yet to be renovated.  It’s a steal because it was free. However it hasn’t happened yet and I’m at another decision making crossroads and  need to decide its long term fate.  I want to simplify my life.

Possibility of forementioned Vintage Stove

Admittedly, I find beautiful renovations of vintage stoves and dream of the possibilities.  Once I do sell it, more than likely it will be replaced with the coveted Wolf Range on my imaginary vision board. (that makes me salivate just imagining how much better my lemon bars would taste from a $6000 oven.)  However, I already own this.  It’s been in storage for what seems like eternity.  It’s big, its heavy, and it won’t cost $6000 to renovate. I haven’t quite found the house to put it in and am losing hope that I ever will.  However the possibilities endless.  Aren’t these renovations beautiful?

What are your thoughts?  I’m not good with decisions.  Should it stay or should it go?  








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