Vintage Love Archive

Should it stay or should it go now

  I own this.  It’s beautiful.  It’s old.  It’s perfect. …and it’s yet another possession that remains in storage. I’ve been keeping it for years, waiting to find a house worthy enough for such a permanent fixture.

One fine day

My dream car is a 1943 Jeep Willy Wagon. The thought of restoring one and driving it to the supermarket everyday makes me giddy.  Imagine my excitement and inspiration when I came across this post off Remodelista‘s web

Akro Agate (and yes that’s English)

The unearthing continues at my parents house and how I feel I’ve just found gold!  I came across a beautiful child’s tea set stored with my mothers vintage dolls.  I have no recollection of them (translation – I wasn’t allowed to play with them

Who isn’t full of ‘S’ and ‘P’

The unearthing continues at my parents house.  I found these yesterday….and yes to clarify, they are Salt and Pepper shakers.  They were shoved back in the corner of a very tall cupboard.  I’m sure my mom thought they

Red Rocker of Love

I love this! And I’m selling this and I am really sad about this.  But I need to feed my child.  It’s in excellent condition and did I mention it’s a rocking chair.  A double wide rocker!  It’s vintage

Vintage find of the Day

My grandmothers coats have been unearthed from the abyss.  Their musty aroma takes me straight back to years of sitting on the church pew next to her with her coat draped over me.  It seems they were vintage even 30 years ago.   The green