One thing that I am not is Polished…..and that includes even my nails!

I read somewhere that people make snap judgements about other people depending on the look of their fingernails.  We assume somebody’s profession and even wealth within our own society. If ones nails are unkempt that is a sign of a lower class.  Even the color on a women’s nail supposedly creates an image of our mind about their personality.

What must people think of me?  My nails are atrocious and I’m not even an auto mechanic.  They peel, grow crooked and the left hand is always cut short with the intention that I will practice the guitar daily (and of course I never do).

Adding this to the To-Do list of beauty regimens is definitely a must.  However the more I starting thinking about this the more I realized there is something else at play.  Why haven’t I maintained my nails in recent months?  Could it be that the lack of luster in my nails is directly proportionate to the lack of hand holding going on.  Or does that statement need to be reversed.  The lack of hand holding is directly related to the look of my hands and that no individual would desire to hold it after seeing such hang nails.  (I will refrain from posting exhibit A)

It does leave me in a quandary as to how to remedy both situations since a connection seems to have been established.  A nail file, cuticle cream are of course top priorities. But what about that hand holding? What is the solution for that.

I might be a little late to score a valentine for 2012 but my nails will look PDG when I pass out those valentines’ out to lucky individuals.  However, yours might just come in the mail if I don’t see you on a regular basis.  So please, imagine beautiful nails and pass the word.  There is hope for 2013!






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