Do this and Never do that!

My grandmother used to tell me to never leave the house in curlers.  What a wise woman she was and I miss her tremendously everyday.  Not that we all don’t know this but I guess the really question is, do we follow this wisdom?  I personally haven’t put curlers in my hair since my wedding day and look how that turned out.  However, I have worn sweats to the grocery store, forgone the boulder holder, and left the house looking much like Montezumas revenge…..and on several occasions.  Inevitably ‘IT’ happens.  I run into somebody I know and it’s never the somebody I want it to be.  A long time ago, a certain woman (the name and date have been changed to spare anymore embarrassment) had been swimming laps at the pool.  She hopped out, stripped off her suit, and decided to take a shower at home vs. the locker room of the rec center  With chlorinated dripping hair, suction cup marks around her eyes,  and mascara smudges to zoombify the effect, she trekked to the car hopping to make it from point A to point B unnoticed.  For heaven sakes, it was only 200 feet away.

I’m sure you know how this story ends.  It involves a past boyfriend, his beautiful wife and children, and the small talk that goes along with not having not seen each other for over a decade.  These moments of insecurity are wracked with horror and haunt us for days.  They are filled with the ‘should have done’s, and the ‘only if’s and the ever daunting ‘why me’s.  And then my thoughts return back to my grandmothers’ words.

Never leave the house in Curlers!  or anything like unto it.



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