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How to measure the emotional intelligence of your ‘wasband’

I have always had a publicly neutral response to my ex-husband.  Unless you know me well, I have never opened up to to spill the beans on my thoughts about the ‘wasband’ or why our marriage ultimately

Dare Dream Do

Two words you need to know. Disruptive Innovation ….and if you want to sound smart you should use them in a sentence together.  Because it’s a theory, a business model, or even an approach to life.  Confused?

Oh Boy! Girls are sure opinionated…..

n the past few months I read this article.  It’s thought provoking to say the least. It’s about woman and if they truly can have it all by ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER. Today I read this article.  My eyebrows

Are bloomers really appropriate to put out to dry?

Truthfully I’m not sure what bloomers are…whether they are fashion or underwear, if they are modest or not and if they really are apropos to air out in the open for others to see.  The fact is

Please pass the parfait

Today while talking with a co-worker, I mentioned how I love McDonald’s dollar menu. I truly feel some odd sense of pride when I drive away having only ordered $2.00 worth of food for both my son

Do this and Never do that!

My grandmother used to tell me to never leave the house in curlers.  What a wise woman she was and I miss her tremendously everyday.  Not that we all don’t know this but I guess the really