Please pass the parfait

Today while talking with a co-worker, I mentioned how I love McDonald’s dollar menu. I truly feel some odd sense of pride when I drive away having only ordered $2.00 worth of food for both my son and I (frugal or cheap discussion inserted here). Later in the day that same co-worker brought me a bag from McDonalds.  I opened it only to find a parfait…….my favorite item off the dollar menu!  My heart was so delighted and somewhat giddy in this treat (yes yogurt can make me giddy).  This unexpected kind gesture had made my afternoon.

This made me reflect on kindness.  I’m sure we all have made attempts to do something nice for somebody once a day.  It has yet to become a habit but of course this helps to switch the attention off ourselves and onto the welfare of others.  However, how often do we consciously focus on the kind things that were done for us once a day?  Did we notice that somebody held the door for us at the Post Office?  Or that while merging lanes in traffic somebody waved us on instead of giving us the bird.  Do we acknowledge the compliment somebody extended to us and value its sincerity? This is where our thoughts need to be. Focused of the kind acts instead of concentrating on how rude people have been.  We tend to get consumed with the ladder and complain about everything.  When we are focused on the kindness or others our days will because brighter and we more than likely will pass this kindness on. The bad experiences quickly will dissipate into the past.  We remember what we CAN do for others and how we can spread that joy just as it has been done for us. Thank you Bryan for this kind gift.  It truly helped me remember the value of $1.00.

Now to find somebody who can appreciate a hash brown as much as I do.   My second favorite item of the dollar menu.







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