Are bloomers really appropriate to put out to dry?

Truthfully I’m not sure what bloomers are…whether they are fashion or underwear, if they are modest or not and if they really are apropos to air out in the open for others to see.  The fact is when they are, it leaves you vulnerable and very much aware that you are exposed, naked even, with the world seeing things that may or may not be appropriate.

….And yet it’s bloomers I think of versus the ever so popular thong when thinking about telling my life story (could this represent how protective I am figuratively with my laundry). Before I explain, I am well aware that my life story isn’t yet complete and I’m hoping I’m not quit half way to death, however the thought of being exposed, vulnerable to the elements of truth, of my life up to this point, really made me think about how much we do actually tell people. If we ‘go there’ so to speak.  Do we tell the truth and risk offending others within this narrative?  Do we withhold the entirety of the experience protecting ourselves and others of any judgement that may come?  Do we air our dirty laundry and chance that the wind won’t blow it in every possible direction. Is it about being honest with ourselves or respectful of the details of these life experiences?

Pretty heavy thoughts I know but as I venture on to new projects I am suddenly feeling there is a line that I cannot cross. That all the details relevant in personal history shouldn’t be told.  That these experiences may be sensitive to others, even affecting current and possible future relationships, and that my humanity/honesty is less important than the feelings and/or response of others.

What are your thoughts?  Is this selective censorship?  How is the picture painted if we don’t disclose all of the details of our past?  Can others still learn and understand our lives without them?  Point being, I am suddenly aware that I have much that hasn’t been told.  That I have withheld many pieces of my story.  Maybe my laundry is already dry. Maybe it’s not. Maybe if I do put my bloomers on the line, feeling the breeze will be exhilarating.  Maybe it’s more work and cleanup than may be needed.







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