This little piggy went to the market

It’s 6:42 am and my little boy comes to find and tell me that’s he’s hungry. A new constant in his vocabulary and he’s not even a teenager yet.  With swimsuit season approaching and the mounting desire to get back in shape, I realize that french toast, sausage and eggs are way too tempting to be cooking him for breakfast.  Thank goodness he LOVES cheerios!

With the realization that there is no milk in the house, I grab my keys and take off for the store.  It’s raining out and as I hop in the car I realize my ankles are cold and wet.  The sudden understanding that I’m in my strawberry fields cropped pajama bottoms makes me ponder I need to be more self aware of time and place, style and fashion, and how I’ll never be Audrey Hepburn with grace and style oozing out of my character. Comfort is comfort folks and there is no turning back.  I rush into the store, grab the milk and dodge all customers and employees stalking the shelves.  Of course with my luck it happens to be the pastry aisle I choose to scurry down until I get a marvelous idea.  How great of a mother would I be if I bring my son home a luscious something stacked with carbs and sugar?  Apple turners or cream cheese filled danishes! We don’tt have these very often so it’s no big deal.  Of course they are cheaper wrapped in four packs……and my dad would appreciate this act of morning kindness too….and did I mention they are cheaper in eight packs?

Do I need to tell you the rest of the story or can you piece together the diet dilemma I just experienced?  My motivational Monday might start on Tuesday this week.  But since my record is already tainted……….I might just wait another week.  A tragic beginning to the same old story.  Spring is coming and I need to be reminded before these types of events occur.







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