It is the 7th of May.  There are 24 more days of the month.  There are only 15 more hours until I go to bed.

This is the voice of an addict. After months of contemplation, anxiety and fear, am taking one day at a time.

I gave up refined sugar.  And all goodness that goes with it.  It may be easy for some but I have a long history. One I’ll save for another day.

It’s about health, about control, and unwanted pounds.

…and I’m struggling. Exclamation!!!  I am a a crazy lady.  Even more so than normal.  

It’s been 7 days.  I have 24 days left to go.  There are only 15 more hours until I go to bed.

Until it starts all over again.

P.S.  I had a diet pepsi (thanks to the Costco food court….and the switch).  I don’t normally drink soda but it was divine.  I feel as if I cheated. Any thoughts?  Maybe my sponsor could be DDP.  As unhealthy as I know soda is but it might just get me through. The mental hurdle is the first step to recovery.






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