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How to measure the emotional intelligence of your ‘wasband’

I have always had a publicly neutral response to my ex-husband.  Unless you know me well, I have never opened up to to spill the beans on my thoughts about the ‘wasband’ or why our marriage ultimately

“Socially Special”

I recently ran into a man fellow that I went out with a couple of times a few years ago. He’s cute, he’s normal, we connected, and he’s a doctor.  We did the congenial how to do’s,

3 Tips for Mass Texting

I am single therefore I am forced to sext I mean text.  However I admit to being the worst communicator via my phones text messaging system.  I’m lazy or am just too busy/uninterested to bother.  It also could

Hands off the chacha

Since the extra calories I’ve burned by not having a remote (you can read about the case of the missing remote here) haven’t taken any inches off my waistline, I decided to invest in an all in one remote

He gone and done it

I’ve looked everywhere….and I mean everywhere (except for inside the heater vents, but let’s be reasonable folks).  It wasn’t thrown away, it’s not in the fridge, and it’s not that thumping I hear with every rotation in