Hands off the chacha

Since the extra calories I’ve burned by not having a remote (you can read about the case of the missing remote here) haven’t taken any inches off my waistline, I decided to invest in an all in one remote control.  It’s not an expensive one or the one I hoped a manly man would buy me to redeem himself, but I’m hoping that by buying a cheap channel changer, nobody and especially movie watching dates will never be tempted to steal it again.  I’m also so relieved that I never have to get up to change the volume only to return the five feet and find out I still can’t hear it.  That’s like 20 feet round trip and then to regain energy another 40 to the refrigerator to regain energy for sitting on the couch again. No wonder I haven’t slimmed down any.

But this is what I have to say to all my future dates and visitors who might be eyeing my possessions.  Hands off the ChaCha! (the alter ego of a remote which is short for Channel Changer) I have to lay these ground rules from the beginning or I might just end of violated again.

Here is the link to  the original post explaining it all.   He gone and done it.






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