3 Tips for Mass Texting

I am single therefore I am forced to sext I mean text.  However I admit to being the worst communicator via my phones text messaging system.  I’m lazy or am just too busy/uninterested to bother.  It also could be my life long problem of not being a flirt or the fact that it takes me minutes to backspace my way through all the corrections my clumsy little fingers make while typing on a 3×5 index card. However I admit to having compiled a few mass texts (not to be confused with spam) and sending to multiple recipients as an intended personalized message.  It’s an easy way to express sentiment to multiple people without spending the time or energy to do so.

As a recipient of these mass texts myself (the recent numbers and awareness is the direct result of being on the prowl) I am largely disappointed with the content of such messages (I am not as critical of mass texts from close friends and family vs. the ever so popular single man). There is an art to mass texting and all men are not currently aware of such skills. A future course in dating 2.0 possibly?  Here are a 3 things I noticed that made them devoid of any pertinence to me.  Mass texting isn’t wrong, there are just social etiquettes and finesse that need to be done as to make every person feel important. (Please read How to Win Friends and Influence People if you have no clue why this would be important).

1.  If you are……Shout it from the rooftops!  Mass texts don’t need to be personalized but for heaven sakes, allow the reader to understand it was meant for multiple people.  Include pluralities such as ‘you all’ or ‘hey friends’ or “we’re meeting at’.  If you want to disguise the lack of personalization then spend a little effort in forming sentences that will make her/him think it was absolutely meant specifically for her/him while still sending it to a few others to maximize your effort.

2.  If I wanted a tweet I’d follow you on Twitter. These are the dead giveaways of mass texts.  Absolutely 100% no personalization.  Why would I care what you were doing at any given moment without me.  Twitter allows us all to stock our favorite people appropriately while texting is designed to let people know you have given them your number for a reason.  Send the mass text with imitations of personalization.  For example, “Eating at the Crab Cooker” is a tweet.  “At the Crab Cooker, wish you were here” can make a girl’s heart swoon……even more than one.

3.  Respond back if they respond to you.  This is truly fostering a relationship with that individual.  Again, if you went through the effort to fake sincerity than this is not the time to prioritize between responses.  Your intent was to elicit emotion wasn’t it?  Continue to communicate.  If you don’t want this relationship….then never text that person again.

I hope this helps in your endeavour to text.  Especially if you are single soul. Heaven knows we all need help. By the way, this is meant to be funny.  However, it is still 100% true.






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