Getting Wild

A handful of years ago, my husband and I decided to get a divorce.  The sadness I felt was unimaginable and I was paralyzed with grief.  I knew I needed to find purpose in my life as

Pass the cream please

A few years ago I bought a linen couch.  It’s semi-wonderful, almost beautiful, not quite what I was dreaming of, but appealed to a friends advice on the reality of living with a two year old at


It is the 7th of May.  There are 24 more days of the month.  There are only 15 more hours until I go to bed. This is the voice of an addict. After months of contemplation, anxiety

Hello I love you

My niece spoke in church the other day.  I had the awesome opportunity and privilege to be there.  She started matter of fact just as any unpretentiously confident 14 year old would.  “A man named Jim Morrison once said……….”  I perked

Don’t get me started

A couple of days ago I was hot. So hot you could see steam rising and hear the sizzle. Hot under the collar. I ranted and raged to the person next to me, confirming to them that

My face is as red as the pinterest button

I’m single.  Therefore I google. Have I said that before? It sounds very familiar.  But it’s still true. I know that other people who are single, google as well.  (Yes Google I’m using you as a verb.)

Bad nights make for horrible looking mornings

It’s definitely not the way you want to start a Monday morning, the new week, or even the carpool to the elementary school.  Is there anything worse than waking up and seeing puffy eyes?  It’s the inescapable feeling that

Should it stay or should it go now

  I own this.  It’s beautiful.  It’s old.  It’s perfect. …and it’s yet another possession that remains in storage. I’ve been keeping it for years, waiting to find a house worthy enough for such a permanent fixture.

Permission to splurge

Can I take a minute and shamelessly plug my new favorite thing. I know I’m not Oprah, but if I had the sponsors as she did, I would give every reader this item.  It’s a little overpriced

Well hello G – Star jacket!

The sequence of recent events leading to the desired loss of 200 hard earned American dollars. G-Star Taylor Wool Coat 1.   I entered an overpriced boutique of 78% useless clothing. 2.  Wandered to the coat section