Weathered wood for everyday living

I’ve been trying to fill my obsession with wood recently.  It seems I’ve overwhelming drawn to the rustic qualities, textures and multifunctionality. Is that a word?  It could be that I’m a little more rustic and weathered myself and

5 Resolutions you can keep

HAPPY NEW YEAR! yes I’m yelling    It’s that time of year that we hold ourselves accountable for new goals and set expectations of the coming year.  However, how often do we resolve to do the same

Hear mama bear roar!

Fact:  I’m divorced Fact:  I’m a single mother Fact:  I am no less valuable as a human being because of the two previous statements. ……and neither is my son.  Now how to teach a five year old

Dare Dream Do

Two words you need to know. Disruptive Innovation ….and if you want to sound smart you should use them in a sentence together.  Because it’s a theory, a business model, or even an approach to life.  Confused?

My kind of Craft

Years ago I gave up crafting. There were multiple reasons involved. I now thoroughly enjoy my craft less life. However, every so often my desire to replicate creativeness slowly rises.  It’s usually when I see something easy…or

Oh Boy! Girls are sure opinionated…..

n the past few months I read this article.  It’s thought provoking to say the least. It’s about woman and if they truly can have it all by ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER. Today I read this article.  My eyebrows

TGIF………Need I Say More

t’s Friday! Let the Hallelujah chorus begin. No work, No homework for Zoom and I can actually sleep past 5:30 tomorrow morning. After a long and stressful week I am ecstatic for the weekend.  I’m headed to

3 Tips for Mass Texting

I am single therefore I am forced to sext I mean text.  However I admit to being the worst communicator via my phones text messaging system.  I’m lazy or am just too busy/uninterested to bother.  It also could

One fine day

My dream car is a 1943 Jeep Willy Wagon. The thought of restoring one and driving it to the supermarket everyday makes me giddy.  Imagine my excitement and inspiration when I came across this post off Remodelista‘s web

Are bloomers really appropriate to put out to dry?

Truthfully I’m not sure what bloomers are…whether they are fashion or underwear, if they are modest or not and if they really are apropos to air out in the open for others to see.  The fact is