Please pass the parfait

Today while talking with a co-worker, I mentioned how I love McDonald’s dollar menu. I truly feel some odd sense of pride when I drive away having only ordered $2.00 worth of food for both my son

3 Tips and cheers for Pinterest

Pinterest has been an answer to my prayers.  Of course figuratively it has and not literally.  I haven’t been praying nightly for a way to categorize my digital finds.  But if I had, I would know God

Lean on me

Sometimes you just need a little someone to lean on.  Someone who’s taller, and stronger, and will be there when you need them.   Any volunteers?

Do this and Never do that!

My grandmother used to tell me to never leave the house in curlers.  What a wise woman she was and I miss her tremendously everyday.  Not that we all don’t know this but I guess the really

The finer things in life

The Widows Mite This last Christmas I discovered artist Annie Henrie at a local exhibit.  I loved this picture of Mary and the Christ child and snapped a picture with my phone thinking that I would remember


Recently, a friend came to me with good news.  Her desire to share this news was half of the excitement. Her countenance was bright and you would had thought that she had the winning lottery ticket for

And the mother of the year award goes to………

….Anyone besides myself!  This last week I had one of those “moments” and yes that is in quotes intentionally. My son and I were hiking up a beautiful canyon on a Sunday afternoon.  It was just four

One thing that I am not is Polished…..and that includes even my nails!

I read somewhere that people make snap judgements about other people depending on the look of their fingernails.  We assume somebody’s profession and even wealth within our own society. If ones nails are unkempt that is a sign of a

Catalog Tear of the Month

I often tear pages of outfits I love out of catalogs.   I then post them in my closet so as I’m getting dressed I remember the looks and styles of the season and more easily dress ‘my

Hands off the chacha

Since the extra calories I’ve burned by not having a remote (you can read about the case of the missing remote here) haven’t taken any inches off my waistline, I decided to invest in an all in one remote