How wise is the wisdom

Yes this sign was taken at the world famous Crab Cooker in Newport Beach.  I have since adopted it as my motto…and I have also adopted the Crab Cooker as my new favorite ‘must stop’.  My love

Rose Bowl Flea

  Oh how I love the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  Utter joy is what I experienced yesterday as I walked aisles, dodged people and meandered among mid-century furniture and vintage dishtowels.  My favorite seller had this for sale and I

Akro Agate (and yes that’s English)

The unearthing continues at my parents house and how I feel I’ve just found gold!  I came across a beautiful child’s tea set stored with my mothers vintage dolls.  I have no recollection of them (translation – I wasn’t allowed to play with them

This little piggy went to the market

It’s 6:42 am and my little boy comes to find and tell me that’s he’s hungry. A new constant in his vocabulary and he’s not even a teenager yet.  With swimsuit season approaching and the mounting desire to get back

The best chocolate cupcake recipe

My love affair with watching America’s Test Kitchen (otherwise known as ATK) has significantly increased my waistline and taken 30 minutes out of each of my Saturday mornings.  Only because I now distinguish between the run of the

Who isn’t full of ‘S’ and ‘P’

The unearthing continues at my parents house.  I found these yesterday….and yes to clarify, they are Salt and Pepper shakers.  They were shoved back in the corner of a very tall cupboard.  I’m sure my mom thought they

Only nuns change habits overnight

I am 100% guilty of choosing books by their covers.  They are all so pretty and wonderfully marketed.  So when I walked past this book at the library, how could I not pick it up and check

Red Rocker of Love

I love this! And I’m selling this and I am really sad about this.  But I need to feed my child.  It’s in excellent condition and did I mention it’s a rocking chair.  A double wide rocker!  It’s vintage

Sacrifice requires dedication

It has gotten out of control, become a daily indulgence….okay hourly indulgence, and I need to gain back my independence. All from a little bean from who knows where. And I’m not talking green, garbanzo, or even

Happy Valentine’s Day

Last week while cutting and pasting my traditional homemade Valentines, my Zoom decided that he had no interest whatsoever in helping. He’s only three and it was no surprise that he went off to play with his