Move Over Chaquita

  I love Twig and Thistle.  It is one of the sites I surf on a regular basis and I absolutely love these stickers.   Not necessarily for valentines day but for any day, anytime of the year, at

Vintage find of the Day

My grandmothers coats have been unearthed from the abyss.  Their musty aroma takes me straight back to years of sitting on the church pew next to her with her coat draped over me.  It seems they were vintage even 30 years ago.   The green

Time heals all wounds

After 8 months of x-rays, MRI’s, cat-scans, surgeries, and a numerous trips to physical therapy, I have gone and done it again.  Saturday was the first time I ran since the morning of July 27.  On that morning,

A project unparalleled

I got the voice mail….and yes it was a voice mail. My dad is getting married.  Let me repeat.  My dad is getting married.  And if you know me you might remember that my mom just passed

He gone and done it

I’ve looked everywhere….and I mean everywhere (except for inside the heater vents, but let’s be reasonable folks).  It wasn’t thrown away, it’s not in the fridge, and it’s not that thumping I hear with every rotation in

Rising from the Ashes

It has been awhile.  Since I wrote….and also a few other things of which I won’t mention in my introductory post.  However, I still have been moving forward, sometimes backwards, and sometimes spinning out of control.  But