Time heals all wounds

After 8 months of x-rays, MRI’s, cat-scans, surgeries, and a numerous trips to physical therapy, I have gone and done it again.  Saturday was the first time I ran since the morning of July 27.  On that morning, I headed out on my family reunion after a run, for a day of water skiing on our local lake.  The next morning I was still sitting in the ER wondering if they were going to amputate.  Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated but I had seriously screwed up my leg and have wondered during these last months if that would have been a better solution.  A week ago I was wondering if I would ever resume my normal lifestyle and this week I feel like I can conquer the world.  All with what stated out as a five minute treadmill experience.

Don’t misread my running capability.  My goal was a mile, as I still only have 50% of strength in my left leg.  But running through the pain was the biggest hurdle and my doctor said Go and Do.  So I did, and I feel like I can put this behind me and stop using it as an excuse.   HIP HIP HOORAY for our bodies amazing ability to heal.  HIP HIP HOORAY for the patience in dealing with it.

Now the trial begins to get back in Shape. I’m thinking my goal will be a triathlon come June.






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