A project unparalleled

I got the voice mail….and yes it was a voice mail.

My dad is getting married.  Let me repeat.  My dad is getting married.  And if you know me you might remember that my mom just passed away six months ago.  Some of us (raising both my hands and waving tenaciously now) think that this may be too soon.  However my dad is 73 and apparently this is what old men do.  The wheels have been set in motion and I’m trying so very hard to keep my heart from breaking.  Losing two parents in one year is just enough to break me.

However in the spirit of service I’ve offered to clean out his house in preparation for the new woman (and did I mention she will be cooking in my moms kitchen).  My parents have been in the same house for 35 years and they haven’t thrown away anything ever, emphasis on ever.  Enter Dori, with amply time since I’m unemployed.  This is an undertaking unparalleled in my life history.  How do you sort, divide, and put sentiments aside while years of your own memories overwhelm me in my childhood home?  This house/home has been a safe haven for years as I’ve come and gone with all my life problems.  Do I keep the bowling trophies or toss them aside? And it’s not just bowling trophies.  It’s musical instruments, crystal decanters, knickknacks galore and Beethoven’s bust.

Here is a picture of my brothers organization as he started before I arrived.  Holy Hannah Banana!

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