Rising from the Ashes

It has been awhile.  Since I wrote….and also a few other things of which I won’t mention in my introductory post.  However, I still have been moving forward, sometimes backwards, and sometimes spinning out of control.  But for the most part I am alive and so is my son, who in which is thriving, while I am not.  Sacrifice is an attribute of a successful mother and neglect is a sign of a frumpy female.  I fall somewhere in between.

Single, divorced, mother and desperately seeking a Happily Ever After.

Does that accurately describe me or sound like a personal ad in the local paper? No decorum here, but rather badges of quirkiness, self affirmations, and savvy detail for design. My goal in this revamped blog, is to write, create, appreciated the gifted among you, and share my affinity for life. No matter what life may give us. Thank goodness there is inspiration everywhere.

I am Spriggy (SWFwK) and I’m just living in the Real World.






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