Bad nights make for horrible looking mornings

It’s definitely not the way you want to start a Monday morning, the new week, or even the carpool to the elementary school.  Is there anything worse than waking up and seeing puffy eyes?  It’s the inescapable feeling that you have aged 7 years in one night.  This morning I look like I drink like a fish!  But I don’t drink and can’t blame the calming effects of red wine from the previous nights evening. However I can blame it on a bad night.  One filled with sorrow, a tad bit of anger, a rekindled friendship, and salty tears that diffuse straight back into my dehydrated body when they flow.
Fortunately the beauty of life is that we do have the opportunity to change the day.  It may be hard but finding the wind for our sails takes looking for it as diligently as possible.  With less energy than planned and looking like an extra on a horror flick, here is what I found helped me this morning.

  • Laughter – Isn’t this always the best medicine?  A sincere chuckle and the stress releasing hormones that the brain releases really lightens your mood.  Even if it requires laughing at yourself.  I found myself laughing at a somewhat stupid reference to the old TV show My three sons during an episode of This American Life on my morning run walk mosey.  I immediately felt better and clarity reigned for a whole two seconds.
  • Load up –  On a great breakfast.  One resulting in brain power and energy. Whole grains or peanut butter or a awesome protein shake would be totally appropriate.  It will help balance what you may be missing……and if that doesn’t work than caffeinate or sugar load.  It will at least get you through the morning feeling better albeit temporarily.
  • Fight on! (that’s in honor of my niece who was just accepted her full ride scholarship toUSC.) Keep with your schedule, exercise despite what you feel, conquer the world and don’t forget to take a hot shower.  Singing loud to a Carpenters song never hurt either.   Don’t let this rainy day or Monday get you down.

As simple as these are, they really do help and the energy expended is very little to accomplish what could change the day 100%.  It’s still Monday and I have a lot on my plate but I’m crossing yesterday off my list and moving forward.  Let the hallelujah chorus begin.  It’s Monday, a  new day with new beginnings and every opportunity for change.

.…..and if those don’t work than go purchase these Kate Spade oversized sunglasses to hide a little bit of the bad morning that you may be having.  They are my new item I’m coveting.  After all, the beauty of life is the opportunity for change and these rose colored glasses may be just what is needed to improve your outlook.  



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