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Sacrifice requires dedication

It has gotten out of control, become a daily indulgence….okay hourly indulgence, and I need to gain back my independence. All from a little bean from who knows where. And I’m not talking green, garbanzo, or even

Happy Valentine’s Day

Last week while cutting and pasting my traditional homemade Valentines, my Zoom decided that he had no interest whatsoever in helping. He’s only three and it was no surprise that he went off to play with his

A project unparalleled

I got the voice mail….and yes it was a voice mail. My dad is getting married.  Let me repeat.  My dad is getting married.  And if you know me you might remember that my mom just passed

Rising from the Ashes

It has been awhile.  Since I wrote….and also a few other things of which I won’t mention in my introductory post.  However, I still have been moving forward, sometimes backwards, and sometimes spinning out of control.  But